Yakima Waterscape

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Yakima Waterscape

All-Tile Pools with Cascading Waterfalls and Sandstone Elegance

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind aquatic sanctuary in Yakima, where a series of all-tile swimming pools are interconnected by cascading waterfalls. The natural elegance of sandstone and glass tile create a serene backdrop for leisure and entertainment.

Key Features:

  • All-Tile Pools: An all-glass tile interior sets a new standard for luxury.
  • Five-Pool Water Feature: Cascading waterfalls connect a series of tranquil pools.
  • Sandstone Coping & Deck: Complementing the natural beauty of the Yakima surroundings.

Finishes & Equipment:

  • Sandstone & Glass Tile: Elevated materials for an unmatched aesthetic.
  • Natural Stone Exteriors: For a seamless integration into the landscape.
  • Pentair Mechanics: Top-of-the-line equipment ensures long-lasting quality.

This Yakima masterpiece redefines outdoor luxury, offering a multi-layered aquatic experience set against the backdrop of Washington’s natural beauty.






Rick Newton


2010, Yakima