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Touchet Retreat

Adventure Meets Relaxation with Slide, Spa, and Custom Water Features

Experience the thrill of adventure and the peace of relaxation in this versatile Touchet haven, just a stone’s throw from Walla Walla, Washington. Engineered with structural shotcrete, the pool offers a dynamic range of features, from a sun ledge to a slide plunging into the depths.

Key Features:

  • Raised Therapy Spa with Waterfall: An elevated nook for rejuvenation.
  • Water Slide & Diving Board: Equipped with waterfalls for a splash of fun.
  • Sun Ledge & Cover System: Combines leisure and practicality.
  • Concrete Vault: Discreetly houses premium Pentair mechanics.

Finishes & Equipment:

  • Concrete Coping & Tile Waterline: Sturdy yet stylish perimeter details.
  • Colored Plaster Interior: Enhances the underwater experience.
  • Belgard Paver Decking: Adds a luxurious finish to the raised block walls.

Designed with both excitement and relaxation in mind, this Touchet pool and spa setting is a comprehensive sanctuary for the whole family.


Walla Walla




Rick Newton


2022, Walla Walla